My Chamber

I find darkness is so caring I permit his distraction.

I would rather stare into its ocean of cold nothing than take the risk of harbouring a dream.
Therefore, I have to endure a feud between exhaustion and curiosity for 10 hours and 30 languid minutes.
Until daylight rescues me, and unlocks the prison that is my chamber.
After the first ten minutes curiosity begins infecting slowly. It begins to enter from beneath the floorboards, its smoke rises…
Suddenly I am desperately curious about the anaemic light that penetrates through my thin glass windows. Once inside, it disperses and hovers above every reflective surface in sight.
Then, I find myself standing in front of a small square shaped mirror, only able to see the left side of my face. I cannot find the right, I cannot complete the reflection; curiosity thrives.
The reflection is the first time I have not seen both sides of my face at the same time, and I am scared. I am unconscious in an operating theatre; I am the patient of darkness.
As I turn around, something has assembled a 20ft steel wall around my bed.
At this point the intrigue fades and panic quickly takes its place. How do I fight darkness and curiosity? They are invisible! I am human! Every time I try they distract me with yet another one of their spells, another shining hypnosis.
This sleepless night can only be defeated by the floodlight of dawn; curiosity’s lullaby can only be silenced by the song of the very first blackbird.
I have no choice but to stand still. As I remain transfixed to the claustrophobic square mirror, I am introduced to my saviour! Sunlight releases its sword, demonstrates its sheer authority and grants me gradual access to my whole face. As it over shadows darkness the wall melts, as if it were ice, not steel. Curiosity has to disappear with its partner in crime.
The floor is no longer wooden; it is petite diamonds of silver ice! I waltz upon it, imagining the surface of the moon.
When 10 hours and 29 minutes arrives and the last minute ends, sleep becomes safe and my eyes quickly, but peacefully close with content.