Kaleidoscope I

With each blink, each stare,
meaning displaces,
life is laid bare.

I move, I turn.
an embellished abductor,
I turn, spin, we fly.
Roads become liquorice reels,
the second you tell, you ruin our deal.
Our romance must remain promiscuous and jaded.
Raw and futile,
completely unaided.
Our romance is not real.

Abduct me.
Turn me fast,
your head shall spin.
Return me.
Turn me slow,
We shall win.

No, magnify.
my fluidity is intrinsic,
Never beginning, never ending.
Constantly shifting.
I can see the light leave, I can feel it bending.

I can never be black or white,
I can never stand still,
I will always take the side of flight.
a life with me will make you ill.

A trellis,
a coral reef.
A crude hypnosis.

I am relentless,
You have no hope.
I am eccentric,
I am Kaleidoscope.