My favourite places to read!

  • In A Bubble Bath

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The combination of a bubble bath and a book (s) is perfection! Although I never get to read for long in the bath because I ALWAYS run it too hot, and end up having to get out! Maybe it’s a blessing in disguise, I think that if the temperature was just right I would spend way too long in there. 

  • Cuddled up with someone



Granted, this one sounds a bit odd! Maybe it is, but some of my fondest memories are cuddling up with my Mum when I was learning to read. I still secretly love reading whilst cuddled up with someone. It’s like you’re safe to fully indulge in a loss of consciousness of time and presence, because someone is there to ‘keep an eye’ on reality for you. I remember when my flat mate and I would sit on my bed and both read for a few hours, it really reminded me of that feeling of reading with my Mum. Perhaps it’s strange, but it’s also very comforting and relaxing.

  • In the evening

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Not necessarily a place… but I have always preferred reading in the evening. To me the day is too energetic and busy to fully concentrate on reading. In the evening when the sun is just setting, I think this is the time necessary to take some ‘me time’ and sit down with a book. I love doing this outside wrapped in a blanket. Even places like the beach I don’t tend to do much reading during the day (probably because my energy levels are being satisfied with other activities) I prefer to read when the tide is coming in, in the late afternoon whilst I sit a dry off (maybe with a cocktail).

  • On the train


The cyclic motion of  a train and the fact that during that time you have no choice but to do something like reading, or writing, or whatever you can do that requires concentration, makes for a really productive reading place. I don’t know why, but whenever I have a long train journey, or even a shorter one, I tend to dedicate that time to academic reading that requires more awareness. I think that because you are likely to be in an alert frame of mind if you’re travelling, you may as well utilize it and do something productive.

  • In a library



Reading and libraries. Obviously then go hand in hand. However, there are actually lots of places within a library to read. Personally I prefer (when it’s not too busy and I can) to read at a big table where I can spread out my notes and books. If I’m reading in a library, I’m probably doing research for a paper or an assignment, so I have a lot of material to wade through.

  • Sprawled out



This is my default reading position. Countless times have I read a book literally sprawled out across the floor  alternating between lying on my belly and back. I can’t really explain why I do this because it’s actually very uncomfortable! Just one of many odd habits of mine I suppose!

  • In the rain

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I love the challenge of trying to read when not only is my book being wrecked by pelting rain, but my also my sight by my running mascara. I’m joking (poorly). Rainy days are so perfect for reading! I love sitting by a window preferably in a large chair, or a window seat seeing and hearing the rain. The repetition of the rain drops provides ideal background noise to help with concentration.

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