Window Shopping: Matthew Williamson Bridal

‘Window Shopping’ is a new category I am adding to the creative cavern in a bid to introduce fashion related posts. These will be posts that showcase gorgeous items of clothing, accessories, shoes, etc. that are a little out of my budget, but will always have a space waiting for them in my wardrobe…

It only seems right that I dedicate my first ‘window shopping’ post to my favourite English designer Matthew Williamson. Ever since I watched the SS09 show on YouTube as a young girl I have been mesmerized by his designs. The combination of sparkle, florals, and unique shapes win me over EVERY TIME. The Matthew Williamson Bridal collection is literally my definition of beauty. The gowns are pure romance, usually characterised by flowing fabrics, embroidery, appliques, and sumptuous textures such as chiffon or silk. *fantasising about one day walking down the aisle in a Matthew Williamson gown groom or no groom*

Exhibit 1: The Poppy Waterfall Ruffle Gown £2,500,00



Exhibit 2: Vintage Lacquer Lace Feathered Structure Gown price unknown (for the better) this one is my favourite to me it’s the perfect representation of everything I love about Matthew Williamson. Stunning.



Exhibit 3: The Silk Chiffon Gown with Swarovski Embroidery (what a beautiful sentence) £1, 595, 00



Exhibit 4: I’m unsure of the name of this gown and price, no doubt it’s description features vocabulary such as romantic, elegant, ethereal, etc. I really love this dress because it covers so much skin. I have always favoured wedding dresses that cover a lot of skin and have long sleeves because my mother’s wedding gown was a whole lot of dress! but she looked like a picture of class and bridal elegance with only her neck and face on display.




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