Window Shopping (I will take everything, thank you): Books Due to be Released in 2015!

In order to prevent myself from whittling on about every single book due to be released this year, I thought it best to make it a window shopping post so that I can reduce the list down to books I … Continue reading

The Fashion Tag!

Today I am reviving YouTube style queen Anna Saccone’s fashion tag from 2011! I have added a few more questions to the end, that I think are quite fun to answer and to round the tag up to 15 questions. Be sure to post the link in the comments if you do the tag as I would love to read about your fashion favourites!

  • How would you describe your style? This is the hardest question because my style doesn’t really fit into a category and changes so often! I love experimenting with interesting shapes and fabrics. I love anything that sparkles! However, I also prefer being comfortable. So I usually choose loose fitting, and flowing clothing.
  • What are your fashion staples? Jeans, a large roll neck jumper, riding boots, loafers, and a loose smart / casual blouse!
  • What is the most expensive item in your closet? I don’t tend to splurge on clothing, however, a few years back I was given a gorgeous pink Guess handbag that I use every day. I think it was about £300, but it was totally worth it because it goes with everything, it’s such an appropriate size because I can use it day or night. It can look smart or casual.
  • photo 2Most wanted item? THESE CHANEL BOOTS


  • Favourite designer? My favourite English designer is Matthew Williamson, however, as this question doesn’t specify I guess I can name another 😉 which has to be Chanel.
  • How much do you spend on clothes? I don’t spend a lot every single month (because I can’t) however, I like to invest in pieces from time to time that will be staples. So if I need boots for example I will spend what I need to get a good quality pair. The most I’ve ever spent on clothes was probably about £200 in one month.
  • Favourite places to shop? Zara, River Island, H&M, Next, Monsoon, independent boutiques, and charity shops/vintage stores.
  • Favourite fragrance? I change my fragrance quite often, however, my recent favourite is Thierry Mugler ‘Angel’. The longevity is amazing, I can spray it on me and have showers upon showers and the scent doesn’t wash off! I love the fact that this perfume breaks all the rules mixing notes of caramel, chocolate, candyfloss, and vanilla with bergamot, berries, and patchouli. Such a magical scent!


  • Favourite way to style your hair? I’m very boring when it comes to my hair… I used to have long hair that I would style different every single day, however, I exhausted myself! I am so happy and content with my style now and think it suits me the most. I have a bob cut which I part in the centre and blow dry to frame my face. The whole process of washing and styling can take under 30 minutes and I don’t see myself changing my style for a while (rhyme unintended)
  • What’s your go-to outfit when you have nothing to wear?  At the moment it is white jeans, boots, a jumper

photo 4

  • One fashion trend you wish would come back or stay? Early noughties! Think mean girls black and candy pink combinations. Love it.


  • Show us your most prized possession in your wardrobe. I actually have two…firstly my sequined mermaid skirt from Zara that I purchased in the summer sale. It was down from £40 to £13! And secondly my statement necklace from Next that is my go-to when I want to dress up a plain jumper or blouse.

photo 1 photo 3

  • Show us your LBD Not the most reliable little black dress, it is so tight that I can only wear it on non-bloat days!


  • Favourite fashion capital? London.
  • Who is your style icon? My Mum! Ever since I was a little girl I have tried to copy her outfits, she has a great sense of style and she KNOWS how to accessorize well. Even in this picture where she is trying to be Madonna, she looks fabulous.


Nearly Nephews

Tell me why my boys won’t wake up

And why they should die having only ever seen red

I listen to the doctor

Insisting I shouldn’t blame myself

One of those things, murdering your unborn twins

Drowning their tiny lungs with your own blood

And I know you will tell me something worth hearing

Watchman of our fort, flying the flag

Holding my smile upright all day

Until dusk sent us home

And you’re not here, and I’m trying to hold it up

But I’m shivering, it won’t stay still

Until you get here

I’m imagining clutching your hand

Like when you kept mine warm walking to school

Like you always did when you saw them wilting

Misplaced houseplants outside in the cold

Like the day we met

Twenty years ago Inside Mother’s womb

half-crow, half man

Look at you

Perched on my porch

Staring me out with raven eyes

All pouted lips and protruding chest

Bent over double

I may as well have barbed wire

Churning inside my abdomen

I’m ready to vomit at the thought

Of you barging in and rummaging through

My home, then jutting your beak

Into my Jewelry box

A magpie dumfounded by gold

You’re supposed to be a man

And here you are acting like a bloody crow

A cheating crook, who will try anything

To swell his nest egg


Hearing you knock sends me squatting

On the floor and rocking

So I can’t remember sitting still

So I can’t remember what my blood,

Sounds like when it’s the only thing in my ear

Bloody Jay on the porch

Stop mimicking the magpie

Because you will never look like him

at best you will be a half-crow

And at the moment

Your voice is plastic cheese

Ruining my expensive grater

And I’ll tell you this

My stomach cannot cope

With one more fraudulent dinner

The Most Perfect Red Dress

The truth is
I’m too young for this dress
But you don’t tell me
you’re too polite
So you leave
You make your excuses
The cut is wrong
The colour too bright

I’m going I buy it
And wear it everyday

Until it fades
Until you return
To me and my perfect red dress
And I’m just right