The Fashion Tag!

Today I am reviving YouTube style queen Anna Saccone’s fashion tag from 2011! I have added a few more questions to the end, that I think are quite fun to answer and to round the tag up to 15 questions. Be sure to post the link in the comments if you do the tag as I would love to read about your fashion favourites!

  • How would you describe your style? This is the hardest question because my style doesn’t really fit into a category and changes so often! I love experimenting with interesting shapes and fabrics. I love anything that sparkles! However, I also prefer being comfortable. So I usually choose loose fitting, and flowing clothing.
  • What are your fashion staples? Jeans, a large roll neck jumper, riding boots, loafers, and a loose smart / casual blouse!
  • What is the most expensive item in your closet? I don’t tend to splurge on clothing, however, a few years back I was given a gorgeous pink Guess handbag that I use every day. I think it was about £300, but it was totally worth it because it goes with everything, it’s such an appropriate size because I can use it day or night. It can look smart or casual.
  • photo 2Most wanted item? THESE CHANEL BOOTS


  • Favourite designer? My favourite English designer is Matthew Williamson, however, as this question doesn’t specify I guess I can name another 😉 which has to be Chanel.
  • How much do you spend on clothes? I don’t spend a lot every single month (because I can’t) however, I like to invest in pieces from time to time that will be staples. So if I need boots for example I will spend what I need to get a good quality pair. The most I’ve ever spent on clothes was probably about £200 in one month.
  • Favourite places to shop? Zara, River Island, H&M, Next, Monsoon, independent boutiques, and charity shops/vintage stores.
  • Favourite fragrance? I change my fragrance quite often, however, my recent favourite is Thierry Mugler ‘Angel’. The longevity is amazing, I can spray it on me and have showers upon showers and the scent doesn’t wash off! I love the fact that this perfume breaks all the rules mixing notes of caramel, chocolate, candyfloss, and vanilla with bergamot, berries, and patchouli. Such a magical scent!


  • Favourite way to style your hair? I’m very boring when it comes to my hair… I used to have long hair that I would style different every single day, however, I exhausted myself! I am so happy and content with my style now and think it suits me the most. I have a bob cut which I part in the centre and blow dry to frame my face. The whole process of washing and styling can take under 30 minutes and I don’t see myself changing my style for a while (rhyme unintended)
  • What’s your go-to outfit when you have nothing to wear?  At the moment it is white jeans, boots, a jumper

photo 4

  • One fashion trend you wish would come back or stay? Early noughties! Think mean girls black and candy pink combinations. Love it.


  • Show us your most prized possession in your wardrobe. I actually have two…firstly my sequined mermaid skirt from Zara that I purchased in the summer sale. It was down from £40 to £13! And secondly my statement necklace from Next that is my go-to when I want to dress up a plain jumper or blouse.

photo 1 photo 3

  • Show us your LBD Not the most reliable little black dress, it is so tight that I can only wear it on non-bloat days!


  • Favourite fashion capital? London.
  • Who is your style icon? My Mum! Ever since I was a little girl I have tried to copy her outfits, she has a great sense of style and she KNOWS how to accessorize well. Even in this picture where she is trying to be Madonna, she looks fabulous.


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